Christoph Jakob

My name is Christoph, I'm a music composer and sound designer most known for my work on the multi-award-winning roguelite Revita!

original soundtracks

Official soundtrack releases can be found on my bandcamp,, YouTube.
They can also be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal.

Personal Music releases

These releases range from 16-bit chiptune (FM / SNES) to all sorts of experimental music.
Stellar and Reignite are also available as asset packs!

Splash! is a genre-bending passion project and homage to Splatoon - 10 quirky songs in 5 different music genres.

Splash! 2 is my second genre-bending soundtrack inspired by Splatoon - 12 songs in 6 different music genres.

Stellar is a love letter to games such as Super Mario World - 15 tunes written in a nostalgic SNES 16-bit manner.

Reignite is my take on an upbeat Classic Sonic soundtrack - 17 funky little tunes written in FM 16-bit chiptune.

Jumpanzee is our winning entry to the Monkey Jam 2023 with music inspired by Super Monkey Ball & Splatoon!

Stelloop is our winning entry to the New Year New Jam 2023, a tiny space shooter with cute 8-bit tunes!

Two Meeps

In summer 2023, I founded a band called Two Meeps together with my good friend Annette "Troisnyx" Walker. We are releasing Experimental Pop / Rock music under that name.

Anxiety is the debut song from our first (upcoming) release Valid.We channelled our feelings on social anxiety and how we might overcome it at any given moment. It sounds like it could be sung at night-time by two friends, even remotely.

2024 Demo Reel

This reel includes many of the games that I have been working on in the past years.The music ranges from melancholic to excessively quirky upbeat tunes. The bass frequently serves as a focal point of my compositions.

Physical Products

The Splash! 2 CD is available for purchase on my bandcamp page!

Splash! 2 is my second genre-bending experimental soundtrack inspired by the Splatoon franchise.This release contains a total of 12 tracks spread across 6 fictitious made-up in-game bands. Their genres are ranging from punk-rock and metal to electronica and experimental music!

Asset Packs

My asset packs can be licenced for your project (personal & commercial) here:

Stellar / Retro 16-Bit Music Pack is a love letter to Super Mario World - 15 melodic tunes written in a SNES 16-bit manner!This pack contains themes that you would expect in a 2D Mario game: Overworld and athletic themes, underground, underwater, castle, boss, ghost house & more!

Reignite / 16-Bit FM Chiptune Pack is my take on a soundtrack inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise - 17 catchy tunes written in authentic FM 16-bit!This pack contains a title theme, a file select theme, boss themes, special stage themes, as well as 5 stage themes, all made using VOPM and YM2612.

Quirky RPG Music Pack is an homage to Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi RPG series - 10 upbeat and fun little tracks!It contains music based on themes you can expect in a Mario & Luigi RPG: a title screen / file select theme, town theme, castle, battle, water themed area, fire themed area & more!

Let's work together!

For commissions and work inquiries, please contact:

[email protected]


Commercial Licence
250€ - 500€ per minute of music

Full Buyout

Seamless looping or non-looping music to enhance the gameplay and atmosphere of your project.


  • Quirky & Upbeat Melodic Tunes

  • 16-bit Chiptune (FM, SNES)

  • Synth Music

  • Live recordings are available for various instruments upon request.

  • Please inquire if you need dynamic music.


Commercial Licence
150€ - 300€ per minute of music

Full Buyout

Looping or non-looping music that is ideal for use during videos or streams.

  • Live recordings are available for various instruments upon request.


Commercial Licence
150€ - 300€ per 30 seconds of music

Full Buyout

Prominent and memorable music suitable for the intro/outro segment of your YouTube channel, stream or podcast.

  • Live recordings are available for various instruments upon request.


I offer to record¹ the following instruments:

  • Acoustic Guitar: Talman, Fender, 12-String (+Fishman Loudbox Mini)

  • Electric Guitar: GIO Ibanez, Stratocaster Player Series (+Boss Katana 50 MkII, Roland Cube 40 XL; Effect Pedals²)

  • Bass: Acoustic Bass, Fender Squire Jazz Bass, Thunderbird Bass (+TC Electronic Preamp, Fender Rumble 115 Cab; Effect Pedals³)

  • Mandolin

¹ Sennheiser e906, auna MIC-900B; reasonably treated room² Boss Turbo Distortion, MXR EVH Phase 90, Polyphonic Droptune, Afterglow Chorus, VOX WahWah Pedal³ Pro Co RAT2 Distortion & Fuzz Pedal

  • Please inquire and let's talk rates! :D


One Sound Effect: 20€


  • Sound Effects for Video Games (UI, player actions, background ambience etc)

  • Sound Effects for YouTube Videos, Stream Alerts (Follows, Raids etc)

  • How to charge for SFX can differ from game to game.

  • The amount above is meant to serve as an estimate that should make it easy for you to scale up according to your needs!

Other commissions

Custom Music for your Splatoon characters!

Full Song:
- Length: ~1:30
- Price: 400 €

Normal Song:
- Length: ~1:00
- Price: 300 €

Short Song:
- Length: ~0:40
- Price: 200 €

- Length: ~0:10
- Price: 80 €

More References:

Terms & Details

  • Please keep in mind that these terms do NOT apply to the video game music column. A contract is required if you hire me to write music for your game. I can provide a template if needed! :D

  • Contact me at [email protected] or disomikron in Discord if you're interested in a commission. Please let me know who you are and why you DM me. Don't just say "hi".

  • Please be specific about the style you would like to have. Feel free to send references so I have a better understanding of what exactly you are looking for.

  • I retain the right to refuse any commission that I am uncomfortable with.

  • Payment shall be made through PayPal ([email protected]). Once the payment has been made and is confirmed, I will begin work on your commission.

  • You may cancel your commission with a clear written request. However, if your commission is already in the works and/or finished, there will be no refund.

  • I will send you preview files to ensure that both of us will be happy with the final result. Small revisions are part of my service.

  • You may use the music you commissioned for both personal and commercial use, including monetized videos and streams. For the latter use, please credit me as "Music by Christoph Jakob".

  • Reselling the music you commissioned is strictly prohibited.

  • I retain the rights to all of my music. This includes but is not limited to copyright, distribution rights, performance rights and other proprietary rights relating hereto.

  • If you commission an arrangement of an existing track or an original track that references an official track from the games, I can fulfill your request but please be aware that I am unable to grant you any rights to the finished product.

  • Once the commission has been completed, I will send you a .WAV, a high-quality MP3 or any other format as requested.

  • If you are satisfied with my service, I would appreciate if you could recommend me to others! :)